Features of Touch Screen Technology


Touch screen devices are information processing devices that contain input devices and consist of electronic displays with a single touch. It is not just a drag, drop, or press device but can be used on devices like smartphones or tablets. It allows for more direct interaction. It is a modern interactive way. If we read more about its features then we could find versatile characteristics.

Touch screen technologies have become a necessity nowadays. Some touch screen uses infrared technologies as well. Such types of devices are useful in banks or ATMs or in factories. They are used for light sensing and moreover as a detector too.

Features and Characteristics

Touch screen technologies have a variety of features that enhance their working capacity. They make them more attracted to the user. Some are mentioned below:

Resistive Panel

It is a thin space in touch screen technology. It is a highly resistive layer. It is resistive to liquids.

Screen Transparency

Touch screen visual effects directly affect the transparency of a screen. Not only transparency but wide features are also involved. Like color distortion, and clarity of screen or picture. As some touch screens are added with blurred images and blurry texts and visual effects. This is a bad or poor-quality screen. So, clarity is the basic requirement of a screen. If clarity is not good eyes become easily tired and can harm the eyesight. And lastly, reflective degree. It should be kept clean as dirt or dust can badly affect its performance. So, frequent maintenance is needed.

Easy Operations

As on a simple computer screen, one might touch buttons for relevant functions. But on the touch screen, any touch on screen can operate a function. It might include a text, animation, or anything else.

For its operation, highly qualified knowledge or skills are not required. Or you don’t have to be an expert. All information is so clear that all ages of customers can use it. Moreover, it has various display effects. Due to the touch feature, the response speed is also quick.

Screen Detection Location

For checking a screen’s stability, reliability, durability, and speed different positioning sensors and responses are measured. Touch screens are convenient. As long as the user uses it as a handy screen, he gets rid of the mouse and keyboard. He improves its security as well as feasibility. It is then known as more direct human and computer interaction which is more friendly and easy to use.

Cons of Touch Screen Technology:

Even if this device has pros and basic features it has some cons as well.

  • Even if it is handy but it requires good battery life. That is nowadays not an easy task. Such devices require more power consumption and therefore, crash faster.
  • They are expensive too. Not everyone has the expenses to buy them. So, they are costly.
  • Furthermore, when in direct sunlight due to screens people are unable to read them.

If the tablet or touch screen device is damaged or crashed, then its repair is difficult. Or you might say it is extremely hard.


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