Importance of Shipping Container Wheels


Businesses need their shipping containers to be readily movable around the facility for speed and convenience. Having wheels attached to the containers can make it more efficient and convenient to get the tasks completed while keeping incidents and hindrances to the minimum.

A container on wheels can prove to be an asset to a business that keeps moving containers into difficult areas. Certain remote areas may not be suited for moving large vehicles. When you have shipping container wheels, the container can be towed to almost all areas.

There are many benefits of using such wheels. Explore the applications of such wheels and find out how they are better than the alternatives.

What are Container Wheels?

Shipping container towing wheels are heavy-duty wheel systems designed for mobilizing containers. These wheels are usually provided with polyurethane treads for carrying heavy loads. However, they can also feature pneumatic or cast nylon tires which can be chosen based on the type of surface involved.

When a container is on wheels, it becomes easier to put it into motion. Besides being beneficial for the shipping industry, these wheels are also used by businesses, government agencies, and charities that need to reach difficult areas and set-up their offices quickly. When equipped with these wheels, it becomes easier to set-up container offices and facilities in disaster-hit areas.

Applications of Shipping Container Wheels

Containers are standardized like anything, making it simpler to handle and store cargo on ships and shore. Shipping containers are extensively used by businesses for the logistic of bulk cargo movement across long distances. Then there are other applications of containers that mostly involve storage or short-term mobile unit usage. Equipping both shipping and such containers with wheels can offer many benefits.

Some of these additional applications of shipping containers with wheels are as follows:

  • Workplace storage
  • Factory or warehouse storage applications
  • Harbor or maritime transportation
  • Tiny container homes
  • Mobile hospitals
  • Military applications
  • Mobile telecom installations

Container wheels typically feature high-quality design and construction. They are designed to last long.

Alternatives to Container Wheels

You will realize the importance of container wheels when you consider the alternatives that exist. This includes:

  • Forklifts: The proper sized forklifts can make it easier to move and stack containers. A forklift will have to have at least 15,000 lbs. of capacity and wide arms for holding a container.
  • Cranes: Cranes can be used to place containers on flatbeds or trailer trucks.
  • Trucks & Trailers: Large vehicles, including flatbed trailers, help transport containers to the site.

Using container wheels can allow you to move the unit, especially in areas that cannot accommodate the above-mentioned heavy equipment. Besides the challenge of access, such equipment is expensive to own. Thus, wheels add a lot of convenience to the overall experience of moving containers. They also make things much more cost-effective. Once the container has been delivered to a site, you will not have to rent equipment to adjust its position. Thus, there are many reasons for using container wheels, whether it is for your business or other application.


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