LG Hydraulic Goods Lift: A Step Ahead


When it comes to Cargo Lifts, most of us might likely be unaware of them. In simple terms, a Cargo Lift is a heavy-duty hydraulic goods lift that is used to move various items like production materials, machines, and vehicles. It can be used to transport the items between different floors of the same building to different buildings altogether. It is ideally suited for commercial buildings, garages, warehouses, factories, industrial plants, racking systems, and shopping centres. The capacity of a Cargo Lift can vary from 1 ton to 50 tons. Some of these are capable of lifting items to 30 meters.

What Is A Cargo Lift?

A Cargo Lift is known by various names. Goods Lift, Cargo Lift, and freight elevator, all are synonyms of the same word. Breaking it down, a Cargo Lift is a hydraulic lift that is used to lift and deliver goods in a vertical direction in warehouses, construction sites, or garages. Even though they are available in various sizes, most of them are custom made, which are made to suit and fit into the unique working conditions and their requirements. Cargo Lifts can be categorized based on the loading freight capacity and post number. Additional protection can be added to it, and it can be designed according to the size, dimensions, and loading freight.

LG Cargo Lifts

Established in the month of March 2005, LG LIFT has now become a leading manufacturer of dock and cargo lifts in India. The company is recognized as an expert in lifting solutions by customers all around the globe. LG Cargo Lifts are manufactured with precision and stability using automated product assembly lines which consist of the most advanced laser cutting machines, automatic welding machines, shot blasting machines, etc. The company aims to provide customers with safe and reliable lifting platforms; therefore, the Lifts are designed in such a manner that it helps in improving people’s working efficiency as well as lowering the risks that they might face during work.

Features Of LG Cargo Lifts

1. Overload Warning

The LG Cargo Lift comes with an overload emergency alarm installed as a safety measure. It goes on in the case of the lift being overloaded. This ensures that the weight never exceeds that of the safety limit, thus avoiding any mishaps, for example, the breaking of the crane wire cable, thereby causing the Cargo Lift to drop.

2. Fixed Access Ramp

A ramp is a sloping surface connecting two levels. By using a ramp, an access point can be created. LG lifts come with a fixed Access ramp, designed to be left in place, making the Lift more versatile in nature.

3. Motor Protection

Motors are widely used in industries to meet various requirements. The failure or outage of a motor may lead to a loss in production or may even hamper the plant safety system. Therefore, keeping this in mind, the company has implemented a proper motor protection scheme, and based on the process application of motors, different protection schemes are used.

How To Maintain Cargo Lift

Maintaining a Cargo Lift after purchase is a concern that most customers face. But by following some simple steps, it can be ensured for the most part that the Lift won’t become defective. The first is changing the hydraulic oil regularly, which depends on the using frequency and working situation. The second is greasing the chains and pulling them regularly. Doing this every 3-6 month will make sure that it is lubricated, which means less friction, thereby keeping the Lift in good condition. The third point is to check the voltage input and electric quick-wear parts regularly, like once a month. The fourth point is checking the cylinders for any leakage. Last but not the least, ensure that there aren’t any loose-leaf chains.


LG cargo lifts are customized according to the needs of the customer. The designs are provided based on all the parameters. At the end of the day, the company aims to make the on-site work much easier and to create a safer and worker-friendly environment with the integration of LG cargo lifts into customers’ production areas.


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