Proper Maintenance and Safety Guidelines to use Telescopic Forklift


It is a particular kind of vehicle that is used to lift or raise objects or pallets to a height. It is widely used in factories, warehouses, and shopping stores. The telescopic forklift looks like a crane. For lifting loads from high locations, Telescopic forklifts are the best because standard forklifts cannot reach high places.

As every machine requires proper maintenance and safety, the telescopic forklift also needs healthy maintenance and safety. The value and the performance of the Telescopic Forklift depend upon its care and safety. It is essential for the machine. So let’s read on and get some maintenance and safety guidelines for your telescopic forklift.

Maintenance of Telescopic Forklift

The maintenance of the machine is as important as its safety. If you want your Telescopic Forklift to function properly for a long time, then regular maintenance is a must. You can follow some tips for maintaining your machine:

Completely Inspect the Chassis

When inspecting the Telescopic Forklift’s chassis part, ensure the suspension is in perfect condition and has no untightened or loose bolts. The engine part of the machine should not have any leakage of fluid. Also, check the tires’ condition and the air pressure in the tires. All of these chassis parts should be inspected first before driving the vehicle.

Inspect the Fork Section

The fork section of the forklift is an essential part of the vehicle because it lifts heavy loads. It should always be properly maintained and should be in perfect condition. Before driving the car, ensure there should be no bends or turns in the forklift. The hydraulic oil or fluid should also be continuously checked for any leakage. All the nut bolts should be fully tightened. The backrest of the forklift should be in proper order.

Check & Maintain the Other Controls

Before driving or lifting loads, all the controls like lights, steering, horn, warning lights, gauges, belts, and brakes should be entirely and perfectly working. All the systems should be first tested before starting to lift the loads. All these controls should be regularly checked and maintained.

Boom Section

The boom section of the vehicle should also be regularly inspected for any bends, turns, or dislocations. No oil or fluids leakage should occur because it plays a vital role in assisting the fork in lifting loads.

Safety Guidelines to use Telescopic Forklift

Whether it is a telescopic forklift or a standard forklift, the safety guidelines for both remain the same. Here are some safety guidelines one should keep in mind while using the telescopic forklift.

  • Always a qualified operator should drive and use the telescopic forklift.
  • The telescopic forklift operator should be attentive and alert while using the lift.
  • The loads should be wholly packed and wrapped before lifting so that the item will be broken or damaged if any mishap happens.
  • When a telescopic forklift is moving moves should be in the tilted reverse position.
  • The center of gravity should be kept in the direction of the engine.


These maintenance and safety guidelines should always be considered when operating the telescopic forklift. Without these, some severe damage or unwanted events can take place. Proper maintenance and safety guidelines for the telescopic forklift can increase its efficiency and helps it work effectively.


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